Acoustic Bass


Acoustic Bass Specifications

  • Top: Solid European Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Maple, Walnut, Cherrywood, see availability
  • Scale Lenght: 86cm (nut to bridge)
  • Body dimensions: 125cm long – 44cm wide
  • Frettless or fretted

“Good idea to locate the soundport on the side! I can hear myself, and the other players can hear me as well”

This acoustic bass is the result of my research to make an instrument both loud and comfortable. It has a sound port on the side, leaving the top to freely vibrate and delivering pretty loud trebles.

Choosing woods for acoustic bass guitars:

When placing an order for an acoustic bass guitar; you can choose your desired wood. here I will try to explain the characteristics and tonal qualities of all the tonewoods we can provide when building your bass. Consult the woods availability.

Maple: It’s a dense wood with high durability. Boosts the hi-mid frequencies giving us a beautiful bright full sound, good sustain, and big volume. This is the wood on the pics below, beautiful grain.
Walnut: This wood would be between the mahogany and the maple. Soundwise boosts the low frequencies, giving us a warm velvet sound.
Cherrywood: It’s a close-grained wood, good mid-range tone. You will see more than one early acoustic bass from Martin made with cherrywood.

Acoustic Bass short unplugged demo

Here you can hear a short demo to hear the bass in action!

Fretless or fretted

Surely you will have heard more on acoustic and electric bass with frets, and the truth is that we like them a lot! However, playing a fretless bass opens the door to new options. It gives you that more velvety sound sensation, you can do different techniques such as “sliding“, or “pull -offs” more similar to the double bass as you are not hitting any frets. You can play with alternative temperament tunings and depending on the type of strings you can get a more jazzy, folky or oriental sound. Do not be intimidated by the blank fretboard, Caroline can include frets indicators and side dots so you can easily find your references and you can discover the world that the fretless acoustic bass has to offer.

Acoustic bass short scale

Don’t be scared by specialized terms. The “Scale Lenght” is just the measurement from the nut to the bridge; the vibrating section of the string when you play. *It has nothing to do with the length of the neck*.

So why would you choose an acoustic bass with a short scale instead of the standard?
If you are seeking a more compact instrument with a narrow space between the notes; or you are a guitarist interested in playing the acoustic bass. A shorter scale will be more comfortable for you, as it resembles the feeling of a standard guitar.

If you use standard acoustic bass strings on a short scale bass, you will also get a fatter tone and probably have less tension; therefore. some techniques will be easier. but don’t worry, if you don’t want that floppy feeling you can choose specific short scale strings for acoustic bass.

But don’t think this is only a small hands spec, lots of professional bass players used short scale for decades, such as Phil Lesh from Grateful Dead or Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones!

Acoustic bass left handed option

If you are looking to buy an Acoustic left-handed bass we can also make it for you without any extra cost, certainly, we like lefties! Remember all of our basses are handcrafted and made to order by Caroline, that’s the only way to ensure the instrument will fit all your needs.

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