Boulegan à L’Ostal 2019

St-Jean-du-Gard, always as vibrant! The music, dance and luthiers festival! The luthiers’ salon is always very busy! There, you can find all kinds of instruments that you will have a chance to try. This is the annual musical event not to be missed on Easter weekend. And we love being part of it!

One hour from Montpellier, towards the massif, Saint Jean du Gard greets you its streets, its bars and its dance halls during its international music and dance festival. Bars and cafes open their doors to spontaneous sessions, dances by their terraces, all in an enchanting setting!

The program includes a luthiers fair where you can meet more than 50 luthiers. In addition, you can participate in specialized workshops in order to learn more about dances and instruments from other regions.

So, if you are looking for a new instrument, a good dance or musical experience, you must come to Boulegan a l’Ostal … And of course, come and greet us!