The luthier exhibition of the Pyrenees

This is one of the biggest exhibitions of traditional instrument makers in Spain. A great gathering for all the enthusiasts of music and especially the handcrafted instruments.

Boltaña, a heavenly place

Boltaña is a small village lost in the Aragonese Pyrenees, everything is made out of stone, the houses are narrow and very tall,

The Pyrenean Exhibition of Luthiers is one of the most relevant events that take place in the village. since it has the direct participation of a large number of neighbors, which are the ones who make this festival possible, some neighbors open their homes to the luthiers so they can exhibit their work on the ground floor of each house.

When you go around the village, you have a map with a walking tour where the houses are marked so you can discover who is behind each door, come by and find me!

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